HOT! JT Impulse Silver with blue has arrived!!

Silver with blue 5054_JT_Impulse_NOW SHIPPING_ADJT Impulse has arrived!

Designed and used by professional paintball team Sacramento XSV means that a lot of heart and attention to detail went into the development of the JT Impulse. They’ve put this marker through the gauntlet the last 10 months while practicing for their return to the PSP. The JT Impulse has all the features that any top-notch paintball player would want in a perfect marker. Smooth poppet firing mechanism, superior efficiency, super consistent regulators, easy to navigate OLED screen, and much more.

  • LPR Balanced Valve Technology
  • Air Cushioned Piston
  • Blue OLED Screen
  • Contoured Slim Grip
  • Tool-Less Clamping Feed Neck
  • Wired Break Beam Eyes
  • 4 Way Adjustable Magnetic Trigger
  • Dual bearing suspended trigger
  • Dovetail Mounted ASA System (With optional standard 10-32 mounts)
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed
  • Two Piece 14″ Micro Honed Barrel
  • Adjustable LPR
  • Software upgradable via mini USB (cable not supplied)
  • Spring driven detents for maximum life